SIGMA APPLICATION SUITE is a centralized market data-hub solution for the banking and finance industry, composed of a wide variety of  add-on business modules.

DERAM’s comprehensive multi-entity, multi-feed data warehousing and data management solution includes data acquisition, normalization, quality assurance, enhancement, cleansing, validation and data distribution. It is designed to adapt to future evolutions of your business needs guaranteeing thereby an unchallenged low operational cost and a long life for your investement.

Market Analysis

Significant assets that DERAM brings to financial data management include:

  •  An existing proven solution ​

An existing proven software infrastructure for data management that handles all  types and data formats. The solution includes data acquisition from multiple data sources, validation and cleansing through efficient workflows, cross referencing of identifiers, data persistence across multiple geographies, data distribution to downstream systems/applications, full audit capabilities and easy systems monitoring and management facilities.

  •  Long term maintenance of value 

A completely scalable data management architecture and technology that easily accommodate future developments to meet evolving requirements thereby warranting the value of the investment over time.

  • Add-on modules

Access rights module

Price Quality Check module

Fair Value Calculator for illiquid instruments

Market risk calculator (NPV, Volatility, Greeks, Duration etc.)

Rubik module

Corporate Action module

VDF/IPS - PGD Converter

  • Methodology

​Our established and rigorous project methodologies assure effective client implementation, guaranteeing high levels of quality and sustainability.

  • Procedures

Our high quality procedures and standards that apply to technology design and architecture is able to respond to your future business requirements and needs.

  • Expertise

A unique level of domain expertise in all aspects of financial data, workflow and solution implementation is a pledge for efficiency and timely delivery

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